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DC Thomson are big on growing local talent

We’ve been supporting employability skills initiatives in a number of Dundee secondary schools for the last 2 years. This year we have involved S6 students from secondary schools involved last year to help inform our planning for this year. Tomorrow’s Talent is about passion, commitment and community. Tomorrow’s Talent is about local businesses taking an active role in supporting local young people as they take their first steps into work. Tomorrow’s Talent is about investing in our young people to equip them to succeed in the workplace, today and in the future. Above all, Tomorrow’s Talent is what YOU make of it. We hope you enjoy the programme and that you find these resources useful. Good luck!

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Work placements are a great way to build your confidence and get great skills and experience to talk about the next time you want to apply for a job or put in your personal statement. As part of the Tomorrow’s Talent programme, we are offering a number of work placements that will allow you come join our teams for a week and experience a variety of different working environments. Interested? You’ll get a great opportunity to try out some of the stuff you’ve learned on the programme; we’ll be interviewing just as we would for real.


Our workshops will be running throughout September making 39 sessions available over 20 days. A massive 195 volunteer opportunities are available to colleagues in DC Thomson to help our young people understand what it takes to get a job through the medium of forum theatre. Our team of actors will demonstrate what to do (and what not to do) over a 1 ½ hour session that brings to life the vital steps to success. We’ll bring passion, commitment and a wealth of talent, as well as real life career experience, giving pupils the opportunity to connect, investigate and be inspired.

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